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What Would I Do Without You

So, this is a complete fan-girl post because I just have to share! All the music lovers, raise your hands! Music is a mood maker, thought enhancer, life changer for me. If music is not on, it is playing in my head. Being a sensitive dreamer of an Enneagram 4, lyrics are HUGE for me. Not only does the music have to be good, but the lyrics need to make me feel something. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors caught my ear about 6 years ago and quickly became a favorite. The tone of his voice and his style instantly made me want to buy all the songs. (If you do not know who this is, stop reading right now and go listen. Then come back and as you're thanking me, finish the rest of this blog.) His song What Would I do Without You" was featured in my 10 year birthday slideshow for Jordan as the words "a decade goes by without a warning" danced out of the speakers, and photos of my baby over the decade of his life flashed across the screen. Yes, the song is better suited for my main man, but it fit so well with lyrics like " When colors turn to shades of gray with the weight of the world at the end of the day, Oh, what would I do without you?", because Jordan brings such color to our lives. Bryan and I would dance to The Wine We Drink playing on my record player in the living room. I had a playlist that would cycle through all my favorites, and was definitely one of my go to comforts. He had a gorgeous female vocalist on several of his songs, but I didn't know who it was, as I was a slack fan and not following him on social media just yet. Flash forward a few years, and I am listening to the radio for once. Guys, I have control issues. I don't listen to the radio because I want to listen to what I want to listen to when my mood calls for it. But, that day I was carefree and just willy nilly turned on the radio. " And I didn't know I'd find You here In the middle of my deepest fear, but You are drawing near. You are overwhelming me, with peace" sang out over my car speakers. Being the fact that this was absolutely what I needed to hear at that moment in time, mixed with the fact that she had the singing voice I have always wanted with it's gorgeous rasp and elegance, I was so glad I was almost at work and could instantly google the song and get it on my phone. Find You Here by Ellie Holcomb. Holcomb, guys. Yes, I see how easy it is to put together when it's written out for you, but I'm going to go with the excuse of it was early in the morning and it would take me almost 5 months to put together that this artist was married to Drew Holcomb. Bless it. My birthday came that year, and my sweet sweet man got me the amazing gift of concert tickets to see Amos Lee WITH Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors. Two of my absolute

favorites. Hallelu. It was everything I hoped it would be, AND I was able to meet Drew after the show. He signed my vinyl while my super hubs took photos. What a great night! I instantly went home to follow him on instagram and that is when I saw Ellie Holcomb on his feed and sat there wondering where I went wrong in life. I think I actually exclaimed "OH!" out loud. But, I now was in the know and began to follow her too. What a joy! She is so uplifting, funny, adorable, and encouraging with her sweet photos of her precious kiddos, and her reminders of what God's word says. Truth. Emmie Jane and I have been enjoying her newest release for children, Sing: Creation songs. SO GOOD! Emmie always loved to sing along with me to my music anyway, but now here is one of my favorite artists singing songs of truth and joy that Emmie can relate to and belt out so well. We must've listened to Sing at least 20 times yesterday, each time getting better at the "Roar" and "Boom"! (If you have kiddos, go check it out! There is a book too!) I cannot recommend these two enough! hey are playing a concert TOGETHER around Christmas, and I so wish I lived closer! But, for now their vinyls get to snuggle up together in my collection. And one day, maybe hers will be autographed too!

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Listen to Ellie on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast #162! One of my favorite conversations Jamie has had. So so good!

Love you guys! Thank you for letting me geek out for a bit. Have a great day!