• Kari

Watercolor World

Driving into work today, my soul was completely renewed. The world looked like a watercolor painting - so quiet, soft, and dreamlike. The heavy fog blanketed dark grey silhouettes of trees sprouting white blossoms against the backdrop of a pink sunrise. I could almost envision myself in a Jane Austen novel, or at least in the best Pride and Prejudice movie scene. (The one with Keira Knightly. You know the one at the end that I'm talking about.) Poetry was practically writing itself in the air. Several of my favorite songs played in my mind like a soundtrack, and I wondered if I am the only one thinking this right now. Appreciating God's handiwork. Geeking out over the beauty of it all. I hope not. Whatever bad is in the world is so minuscule in comparison. There is so much beauty to be seen. Open your eyes.