• Kari

Is someone buying your chairs?

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Has there been a movie that whenever you're watching TV and it pops up, you stop to watch it? No matter where it is in the movie, you're reeled in? For about 5 straight years, Phenomenon was that movie for me and my husband. We would turn on the TV, and there it would be. It's an underrated movie. Not a lot of people have seen it, but it's one of John Travolta's better roles. There is an undertone throughout the movie of this innate need to be known. One of the best quotes of the movie is:

" Really? That's too bad, yeah. Now George has a love at his side and she is sticking with him. You know why? Because he bought her chairs. That's pretty smart to me. You ever buy Lisa's chairs?" - Doc (Phenomenon)

If you have not seen this great movie, I will give a little back story. George, our leading man, has it bad for Lace. Lace is new to town and mostly keeps to herself, but she makes chairs out of twigs and branches, and brings them to town to sell. Little does she know that George is buying all of them - to help her out, but also to keep seeing her when she brings more. He buys her chairs. He found the thing she needs, and did it for her. Even when she didn't know he was. And even though the chairs were very uncomfortable, he bought them because that was what she was pouring herself into. The chairs were what she was putting out into the world. Her art, that was also providing a living for herself and two children. George didn't tell her he bought them. In fact, he didn't want her to know so that she would be confident in herself. He supported her and met her where she was at.

Is someone buying your chairs? What are your chairs?