• Kari

I Am Not Enough

I like to think that I am a fairly confident person. Or, at least confident in the things I do well and the face I put forward. Lately, those pesky little voices have been a little louder and harder to drown out. We have had our pedal to the floor for a long time and this busy season is just what life looks like now for us. Less down time means my stress-o-meter filling up faster than I am comfortable with. We have several different schedules to juggle, more obligations, and I have added a little more fluff than I would like making my self-esteem take a dive face first into a cactus and my anxiety try to grab the steering wheel.

I know the truth. I KNOW I am a child of God. I KNOW I am beautifully and wonderfully made. And, I KNOW that all things work together for good to those that love Him. My brain and my heart just have bad reception lately.

My sweet husband payed attention to one of my Instagram scrolls where I pointed out a gift idea for Christmas. The beautiful "I Am Enough" necklace from Jenna Kutcher. (If you do not follow her,

please go right now. Well, not right now. Finish reading my blog first.) What a great reminder. I am enough. I opened it, and my eyes teared up. Partly because I was so thrilled that he had paid attention and partly because it was exactly what I needed to hear. I am enough. As quickly as all of those thoughts came, a louder one popped in to join the party.

"You are not enough."

You are not enough. This time, though, it sounded differently, and non threatening. I am not enough. So very true. I am not enough - without God. I AM enough WITH God. I can do all things WITH Christ who strengthens me. And, doesn't that take all of the pressure off and fill you with hope?

I have been doing better to apologize less for needing down time to recharge and knowing that taking care of who I am as a person is much more important than what that may look like to others who don't function the same way. Taking the time to recharge when needed is good for my soul, my family, my health, and my marriage. This year, my only New Years Resolution was to take better care of myself, however that looks. Eating better, exercise more, rest, mental check ins, saying "No" more, more date nights and snuggles with my man, and more reading my Bible.

I haven't taken the necklace off since he gave it to me on Christmas. I still love the message so much, though I am tempted to stamp "with God" on the other side.

Friend, YOU are enough - with God. The Unstoppable duo.