• Kari

Give Yourself

I enjoy crafting. Sometimes. Ever since I can remember, I've been a walking contradiction. I feel equally at home in the mountains AND the beach. I am an introvert, but can be outgoing. I enjoy being with friends AND the joy of canceled plans. I am spontaneous, but some things just need to be planned. In advance. Like, weeks. Parties are one of those for me. As an introvert and a recovering perfectionist, I need to make sure that I am ready for what will be coming my way. Our budget is not large, parties included. The fact that my kids usually enjoy off the wall party themes that you can't buy in store partnered with my love of creativity usually means that I will be making 99% of the party decor. I plan early because I need to have a clear picture of what I will be making that will fit within our budget before I start to make purchases. My time is also very limited, so many of those crafts have to be started a few months prior so that I can have them complete and not invade my need to have down time as well. More time allows me to make sure that the party comes to life the way that my little and I both envision. I love that I get to bring their imaginations to life.

I have always had an active imagination. I love to read, write, and daydream. I see the beautiful magic in life and want that so badly for my children daily. I love to think up fun ways to break up the chaos of life. Green things on St. Patrick's Day, Birthday Parties, fun breakfasts on holidays, penny adventures when the weather is nice, dancing in the living room, dancing in the rain, dancing anywhere really... These are some ways I am able to do that. Using my time and my talent to make my child happy? Yes, please. Sign me up all day long. Do I think these are things that everyone needs to do? Not at all. And not in the same ways.

We are all made so very differently, and thank God for that! How boring would this world be if we all thought the same, looked the same, dressed the same, and had the same talents? Maybe you are good at sewing and can make clothing for your child. Maybe you are outgoing with way more energy than I have and can go from one fun thing to to the next. Maybe you enjoy hiking, sports, or one of several other outdoor activities that you can do with them. Maybe you are an excellent teacher and can show them all of the life skills that will help them out in the future. Whatever it is that you can give of yourself to them, do that. They will remember it. They'll find themselves and who they are in watching you be yourself and pursue what you are good at.

"Whatever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln

Side note: As parents, we want to give the world to our kids. Our worlds just look a little different. But, how about even if just for a little while, we stop shaming other parents who's involvement looks different than yours and start celebrating the different ways we all love our kids.