• Kari

Everyone Else is Taken

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

It is absolutely no secret that I love Fall. Autumn. I love the word and all of the colors, smells, sounds, and activities that come to mind when I say it. Hot Chai Tea Lattes, mulled cider candles, pumpkin pie, fire pits, jeans, boots, fuzzy socks, hoodies, scarf exchange parties, over-sized sweaters, baking sugar cookies with my kids, the crisp air in the morning, the beautiful array of red and orange leaves that blow in the wind on their way to the ground. I love it all. (Except for Pumpkin Spice. I'll let everyone else obsess over that. No, thank you.) I wait for this season all year long. My birthday is September 4th, and after that it is go time. I come alive in the Fall. My heart soars at the realization that my hair will not be frizzy in the humidity any more. Hallelujah, the good hair days are upon us. The cool air kisses my skin and makes me want to twirl around with a kid again. I love our annual trip to a family owned Pumpkin Patch that is just around the corner from our home. I love going to the sweet mountain town of Blowing Rock for their Fall Festival. All that being said, I do not have one Fall decoration other than the three sad pumpkins sitting on my porch, hoping that we will carve them this year. This is not to say that I don't enjoy them! I love walking the aisles at Target and Hobby Lobby admiring all of the cute items that parallel universe Kari would be placing in her home. I just physically become exhausted when I think about putting them in mine. Listen, I'm tired. I don't think I could find the time or energy to put up Fall decorations only to take them down mid-November when I am made fun of for putting up my Christmas things. Several of my friends put Martha Stuart to shame when decorating for Fall, and I love it! I love that they have their thing that they are excited about doing in their home, and appreciate it's beauty. And, maybe it's because I'm in my (late) 30s now, or maybe I'm just tired and past it, but I don't feel the pressure to do it in my own home. My friends don't come over asking where my Fall decorations are. If they do, I'll get new friends. (Kidding. Kind of.) My good friends don't make fun of me for decorating when my family sees fit for Christmas. Some of my best friends are decorating at the same time as well! (Where are my Christmas people at?) The only person that has to agree with you on what goes on in your home is your spouse. Everyone else can bless their hearts. In addition to Fall decor, I also do not put up any Turkeys for Thanksgiving. It's called the Holidays, you say? Awesome! I choose Christmas to decorate for. Bryan and the kids love it as well, and they are who I am trying to please. It brings us joy, happiness, and comes and goes so fast! Why would we not want to make it last longer? Not to mention, it takes a good bit of time to put it up. Let's leave that stuff up for as long as we can. All of this is to say, give people grace. Let them be themselves because how boring would it be if you purchased a pack of Christmas cookie cutters and every single one of them was a tree? No way, man! You need a ginger bread man, a present, a tree, an ornament, and a star. Break the mold. And, for goodness sake, stop shaming someone for doing what they love.

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." - Oscar Wilde