• Kari

Choose Joy

As I woke up to the sound of my dog licking his paw, I was not instantly reminded of my love and affection for this ginormous creature. The sounds of licking and chewing have some sort of instant anger switch inside my brain and I'm very thankful that thoughts are not known unless we say them out loud and it was too dark to see my face. I go ahead and turn my alarm off since I am up now, sit up and my hand lands in the dewy spot that Charlie has been licking for what feels like the past 5 hours of my sleepless night. Gross. I make the dark trust walk to the bathroom and trip on the cord of my blow dryer. The toilet paper is out (How in the world did we go through all three back up rolls on the rack in a day?), so I reach for the bathroom wipes I keep on hand. In the shower, the shampoo gets in my eye and I'm out of body wash. It took me 5 minutes to put my contact in because my eye was repelling it. I sit down to a nice, quiet chance at some coffee and turning my morning around but our other fur-ball, Lucy, is whining to be out of her crate. I trip over my husband's work bag. The clothes in the washer are not done yet, which means that I overshot the timer and will now be wearing semi wet clothes to work. Emmie does not want to go to school, does NOT want to wear what she picked out the night before, and the boys are arguing over who should be in the shower. That was the first 30 minutes of my day, which continued, but I will stop here.

I wish I could say that this was a once in a lifetime bad morning, but it is a very common occurrence in some version or another that closely resembles this morning. But, while the feeling can get away from me every now and then, I am so very thankful.

I am thankful for Charlie, our big, loyal, obedient, protective companion packed into 110 pounds of black lab. I'm thankful that we have a California King bed that allows him to sleep up there most nights and we still have enough room to move around. I am thankful people cannot read my mind when I am not doing such a great job of controlling my thoughts. I am thankful I keep wipes on hand. I am thankful to be able to shower daily and have clean water, instead of living in a country or circumstance that may not allow for that. I am thankful to be able to afford contacts since I am almost legally blind and cannot imagine life without this luxury. I am so very thankful for coffee. I am thankful for our crazy rescue dog, Lucy the Beagador. (Beagle Lab) She has added so much craziness and joy to our family in a time when we needed it. I am so incredibly thankful for my man, who works hard and sometimes leaves his bag laying around. We all need a little grace. I am thankful to have a washer with a delay start feature! And the mind to usually be able to calculate properly how long the timer needs to be set for. I am thankful that Emmie is not crying every morning before we leave for school anymore, and that she has her own mind and knows herself so well to know what she would feel confident wearing. I am thankful for two boys that care enough about their hygiene that they want to make sure they shower daily. This is not a common thing for their age, and it does not go unnoticed for me. Girls, these are some good smellin guys and their wives will be very happy one day. Not to mention, that while they argue sometimes, they also go to movies together and lay in each others bed to watch TV and hang out. They are all three very good kids, and I am so thankful they are mine.

I used to cringe when I would hear the saying "You are as happy as you decide to be" but, there is so much truth to it. Life has so much mess and craziness in it, but there is more beauty if you choose to see it. If you choose joy.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. So, I challenge you for 21 days to not complain. Instead, start your day with what you are thankful for. Watch how everything else will fall into place.