Wild heart, tamed by God. Chaos coordinator. Coffee lover. Photograph Maker. Ice cream enthusiast. Old Soul. Blogger. 


 You don't have a soul. You are a soul;  you have a body.
                                                                      - CS Lewis

Hi, there!  So thankful you're here! Here's a bit about me: Among many things that I am, my favorites include wife to Bryan, Mama to Carson, Jordan, and Emmie, (Who are all 6 1/2 years apart! Bless it!) and our two dogs, Charlie & Lucy. We call Charlotte, NC home, for now! 

Everyone has a journey. This is mine as a Christian, a wife, a mama, a writer, a photographer, a creative, and as a woman. None of those have been easy or perfect. But, God! I am thankful for this road that I am on. 

I crash landed into this life during an earthquake in Anaheim, California. We just say that the world was announcing my arrival! My mom and I relocated up the coast to the Bay Area when I was a few years old where I lived until I was 13. We skipped over Northern California and settled in Oregon just in time for me to start high school. Despite knowing absolutely no one when high school started, I made such great friends and still have several of those sweet friendships today. After graduating, I moved to Ohio to start my college career, but quickly moved back to Oregon when my mom was diagnosed with leukemia. A marriage, a baby, a divorce, but a now healthy mom later - God brought me out to North Carolina where I met my sweet, sweet man and I have been a Southern Belle for 14 amazing years. Life has been a roller-coaster of me trying (and failing) to work things out on my own, but Jesus is better. Through all of my failings, insecurities, and mistakes He never left me but instead showed me an undeserved path to some of the truest friendships, unbelievable peace, and radiant joy that I have ever felt in my life. 

I love Jesus, my family, writing, reading, coffee, photography, DIY projects, my ever growing collection of vinyl records, vacationing at the Outer Banks, giraffes, the smell of printed paper, and the perfect combination of peanut butter & Chocolate. 

I am an occasionally outgoing introvert, an Enneagram 4 wing 5, and an INFJ. 




I am a blessed mama to three of the best kids on the planet. No lie. if  Emmie Jane was born on her due date (a week later), there would be exactly the same number of days between Carson and Jordan, and Jordan and Emmie. As it stands, they are each 6 1/2 years apart. While that age gap was not planned and has it's challenges, it has been the best thing for our family. No competition and they each had their alone time. though, we will be having a teenager in the house for 31 years. Send prayers. Our dogs are also 6 1/2 years apart and were received in the same order of boy - boy - girl.While crazy and chaotic, I love our close knit family. 

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Since emmie was 1 she has loved to play dress up. pairing that with my love of photography and memory making, we decided to do a fairy tale inspired photoshoot every year! Emmie chooses who she wants to do each year and is very involved in the process. so far she has been alice in wonderland, snow white, belle (beauty & the beast), rapunzel, and tinkerbell! We have made so many wonderful memories already, and I look forward to doing this with her for years to come. Check out her instagram account showcasing several of these photos and follow this journey!  

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I am so very lucky to do life with my sweet man. bryan puts up with my spontaneous whims, sends me encouraging texts throughout the day, and is the most hands on daddy. Marriage is an adventure and there are definitely twists and turns, but i love the road that we are on. i'm so thankful that he is my traveling buddy. 

I love recommendations! What are you listening to? What are you reading?

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Tacos. the smell of printed paper. hot tea with honey. a belly laugh. hugs. sleeping in. thunder storms. netflix. pajama Pants. my family. holding hands with my guy. old photographs. Christmas. car singing. potstickers. the sky. canceled plans. reading. coffee. 


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